Launching the Technology for Health supplement in partnership with Chemistry World.

Featured, Notch 2018-03-13

The team at Notch Communications are pleased to announce that the first issue of our Chemistry World digital supplement, produced in collaboration with the Royal Society of Chemistry, is now live on the Chemistry World website.

The first issue focuses on Technology for Health, and showcases industry leaders discussing the latest advances in technology for healthcare applications. Topics discussed explore current and future trends, topics and innovations that affect the healthcare industry and patients, these include:

Drug serialisation and its associated challenges for the global pharmaceutical industry. Emerging biologic medications as therapies for various illnesses, highlighting recent advances in the field of oncology. An interview with Nobel laureate Robert Grubbs who devised a series of catalysts for metathesis reactions, which are instrumental to the synthesis of many pharmaceutical ingredients and materials. The rise of wearable and biosensor technology. Simplifying and shortening the process of drug development by implementing innovative catalytic and flow chemistry processes. How to solve drug administration issues such as solubility. And finally, the collaborative role pharmaceutical companies and academia play in drug development and therapeutic treatment innovation.

Peter_crop “The idea for this first digital supplement to Chemistry World was hatched over lunch in Washington DC between Adam Brownsell and myself,” Peter Brown, CEO of Notch Communications said. “To see it live today was one of my proudest moments. The teams at Notch and Chemistry World have excelled and delivered a world-class piece of work.”


Pranika Sivakumar, Content Manager, said: “It has been an amazing experience to speak to so many inspiring individuals with a real passion for advancing health for future generations. There is incredible work being done every day by these scientists, so it’s is great to be able to partner with Chemistry World and share these exciting innovations with everyone. I am so thrilled with how the supplement has turned out and cannot wait to get started on the next issue!” Pranika_crop


Tori_crop Tori Blakeman, PR Account Manager & Writer, said: “This is a fantastic platform to showcase the best of our clients’ work in innovative healthcare technologies to a broad and high-quality scientific audience. This level of exposure is rare for science companies, and so we are proud to be able to collaborate with Chemistry World to produce genuinely interesting articles about our clients’ work for scientists and science enthusiasts to enjoy.”


Helen Elmes, Junior Account Manager, said: “It’s been incredible seeing the team bring this project to life! All the interviewees had so many fascinating opinions and enthusiasm for their area of science, and you can really tell how much the Notch team has enjoyed taking those thoughts and turning them into articles. I personally loved researching some of the more abstract possibilities in the future of pharma and I’m excited to see what we uncover in the next issue” Helen_crop


Leo_crop Leo Bear-McGuinness, Science Writer and author of the Pharma and academia: a recipe for success article, said, “Getting to talk to our clients and hear the enthusiasm they have for their work is the second best aspect of being a Science Writer at Notch. Getting to publish that enthusiasm is first. Now, thanks to our collaboration with Chemistry World, some of the most exciting innovations in healthcare science are no longer just industry projects, they’re conversation starters.”


Joe Clarke, Science Writer and author of the Platinum metal complexes in medicine article, said: “It was a real privilege to talk to scientists about the great work they and their colleagues are doing every day. I would say the highlight was interviewing Nobel Prize laureate Robert Grubbs about the metathesis reaction. But science brings with it an aura of excitement; everyone I interviewed was so excited about their job and passionate about making a difference in their field. Writing these articles has been a genuinely enjoyable experience and I can’t wait to start the process again for the next issue!” Joe_crop

Technology for Health is the first of four quarterly digital supplements Notch Communication will produce for Chemistry World in partnership with the RSC. Subsequent issues will focus on different topics related to chemistry. The next issue, due for release in June 2018, focuses on Green Chemistry and Sustainability.

Further information about our RSC-Notch collaboration can be found here. We would love to hear your thoughts about our upcoming issues. Tweet us at @NotchCom.

If you would like to be involved in issue 2, please get in touch with Lauren Martin.