Four Months with the Notch Team

Featured, Notch 2018-05-09

Last week we said “au revoir” to Flovia Busato, our Creative Planning intern, who, after working with us for four months, has now returned to France. But before she left, Flovia decided to blog about her experience at Notch.

It has been almost 4 months since I was welcomed into Notch Communications to support Marion Gaubert in her role as Creative Planner, but it is now time for me to pack my bags and say good-bye. But before I depart, I feel compelled to blog about this great internship and explain why this experience was so formative and unique.

After obtaining my degrees I had to start the big challenge any recent graduate faces: finding a job. It is just as hard in France, my home country, as the UK to gain employment when you have just left university. After drafting several résumés, going to numerous interviews and hearing the infamous line “your application incites our interest but you don’t have enough experience for the job,” I thought it was time for me to try a new approach where I could gain work experience while improving my English. I soon had an interview with Marion and Peter Brown, Notch’s CEO. A couple of weeks later I arrived at Manchester Airport, ready to discover a new city and job, another culture and deal with English weather (a big challenge when you come from the South of France).

After two months at Notch, the first thing I learned was how to manage different projects and missions at the same time. Like Peter explained it to me, I had arrived during a big period for Notch, so the main goal was to quickly work to best understand the internal process. I also realised how in the agency everyone had a function; you can find science writers, content managers, creative planners, account managers and creative developers. Due to the diversity of their skills and backgrounds I noticed a synergy between all of them and the ability to find compromises to resolve issues.

The latter couple of months were completely different to the first two. Thanks to a better understanding of Notch’s work I started to see a different side of what working in an agency can mean. More than just the ability to provide a good rebranding or content strategy, working in communication is not just about finding a good message for a good channel. The most important part is to listen to your client and understand their needs and then build a strategy around this. By following Marion’s work, I began to understand that building strategies were almost like assembling a puzzle: there were some obvious pieces and others that took longer to put together. For these harder pieces, I realised that it was your skillset and the knowledge of the market and your customer that could make the difference in the achievement of strategic work.

After few months in the agency, I can say that Notch is a great representation of Manchester: busy, hardworking, friendly and supportive. Like the Manchester bee, Notch Communications represents a hive where everybody gives their maximum in the job. It is thanks to them I have gained fantastic insight of working in a marketing agency and hope that in my next job I have a team with the same motivation. So before I leave, the last thing I would like to say (and in French this time) “Merci, Notch Communications!”