Scientific strategies? Foolproof theories? In-depth brand analysis? Complex methodologies?

Advertising, marketing and B2B agencies simply can’t resist devising all manner of ways to establish client goals and to justify the marketing channels they offer. 

At Notch Communications, however, we prefer a more transparent approach. One that digs deeper, looks harder and leaves no stone unturned.

Beginning by establishing your clearly defined aims and objectives, our process interrogates your product, service or brand.  

Suitable for every possible marketing scenario, it establishes precisely how Notch should talk to your customers, where to find them and what turns them on.  

Without calling on pre-conceived ideas or preferred routes to market, it identifies the most appropriate marketing strategy for your business – and establishes how Notch could add real value. 

We call our approach ‘the Notch Whiteboard’. See how Notch delivers.